Company Profile

With its corporate headquarters based in Shenzhen, China, GDU Technology concentrates on drone research & development, production, and sales. GDU created the world’s first foldable drone, which was nominated for a 2016 CES Innovation Award. GDU is experienced in drone flight control, image stability, power system development, and infrared image technology. This provides a solid foundation for its improvement on drone research & development and application. Our mission is to make flying drones as easy as possible so everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement that uniquely comes with drones.

Our values: we start with first-class craftsmanship and strive to better serve the growing community of drone enthusiasts.
Our service philosophy: customer experience is always our top priority. We combine the most powerful, portable and modular drones to create the best possible platform for our users.
Our talent philosophy: we hire top talent from all over the world to build a highly diverse workforce that is dedicated to further building a global drone community. We then mentor every employee to build up their expertise and professional skills.

GDU Honors

2016 CES Asia Best Drone Award (Nominee)
Most Potential Drone Company in China (Top 5)
SOHU’s first Drone Photography Competition (Sponsor)
2016 CES Innovation Award (Nominee)
Member of AOPA China
Ranks AAA in company credit system

We are GDU and we are truly taking flight!