Thanks for purchasing the GDU product. Please read this manual carefully before using and keep your Warranty Card in a safe place, so that you can enjoy a more satisfactory service experience.

• Any faults caused by product quality in normal use, GDU will provide free repair within the warranty period.
• Users are afforded warranty service according to the date stated on their original proof of purchase or invoice. If the user cannot provide original proof of purchase or invoice and warranty card, GDU will prorate the warranty period according to the products manufacture date to determine if warranty is valid and remaining coverage value. The manufacture date can be determined from the S/N.
• Users are responsible for the safety of their data in the aircraft. Please backup your data, such as videos and pictures, before asking for after-service. GDU will not take any responsibility for data corruption or loss.
• The replaced parts will be retained by GDU.
• The accessories are not covered under this warranty.
After-Sales Service
Call the toll-free-service phone number of GDU after-sale center (400-040-0266), provide the S/N, purchase date, your contact information, and the fault of product. If the fault is valid within the warranty guidelines, GDU will inform you the nearest service center according to your location and give you the shipping instructions.

GDU promises that users will be afforded the returns and exchanges service within 7 working days after the original purchase of NEW products (subject to the courier receipt date).

1. Users may ask for exchanges service when one of the following situations is fulfilled:
• The damage occurs during transit.
• The product received is different from the description of the purchased item.
• The product is defective from the manufacturer with NO SIGNS OF USE.
2. Users may ask for returns service when one of the following situations is fulfilled:
• Confirmed (via customer service) manufacturer defects are found with NO SIGNS OF USE in 7 working days of receiving the product.
• Verified (via customer service) if there is reoccurring issues with the replacement product.
• Users have not received the product within 5 working days after the date promised.
3. Refund and Exchange will be denied if the following situations occur:
• The damages occur during transit, but users do not make an inspection before signing for the express delivery.
• The returns or exchanges request is raised out of 7 working days warranty.
• Could not provide verifiable, original proof of purchase.
• The product is proven to have no quality problem after inspection of their item by GDU technical support department.
• The problem was caused by collision, burn, self-conversion, invasion of foreign matter (such as water, oil, sand), incorrect installation, improper operation or ignoring the guidance of the documentation and in-app tips provided.
• Tears or changes made to the manufacture tag, S/N, or the false proof mark.
• The damage caused by external forces of nature or uncontrollable circumstance, such as fire, water damage, lightening, mishandling or improper storage or other reasons not related to manufacturing or proper explained in owner’s manual.
1. Users are afforded free maintenance when the following situations occur:
• A verifiable (via GDU customer service) fault occurs in normal use during warranty period.
• A problem caused by GDU during repairs, inspections, and other operations.
• The S/N, manufacturer tag and other documentation are in good condition and has no identifiable alterations, markings, or damages.
• Original proof of purchase invoice, or receipt, and warranty card are provided.
2. Users will be denied when the following situations occur:
• The product exceeds the warranty period.
• Purchased through unauthorized channel.
• The fault is caused by artificial factors and non-quality related problems.
• The fault is caused by incorrect operation and installation according to the User Manual.
• The fault is caused by self-disassembly and unauthorized modification.
• The fault is caused by outside forces or natural disasters.
• The fault is caused by reliability and compatibility of using third party devices.
• The fault is caused by incorrect installation and operation or using the product in extreme conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, high moisture areas, high altitude, and unstable voltage/current.
• The fault is caused by illegal use.
• The fault is caused by flying over a crowd, public places and dangerous regions without proper qualifications and permissions.
• The product is not clean and or improperly maintained.
• The fault is caused by accident, abuse (overload working), and misuse.
• The fault is caused by improper storage.
• The fault is caused by using self-compiled or non-issued software.
• The fault is caused by repairing at unauthorized maintenance department.
Main Parts Warranty Period
Module Parts Warranty Period
Fuselage No Warranty
Landing Gear No Warranty
Propeller No Warranty
Motor 3 months
Battery 3 months
Electron Components 12 months
Remote Controller
Remote Controller 12 months
Battery 3 months
Gimbal 6 months
Charger 6 months