04-07 | 2015

This year's CeBIT exhibition chose the "digital economy" as a theme, concentrating on data and cloud, digital transformation, networking, mobile, and putting data security in the limelight. How is the drone will play a role in industrial, security, and big data processing field?

To address this issue, ProDrone Tech brought the entire proposal about how to use drones in industry 4.0 and agriculture 4.0, even in the fields of surveillance and security as well. Our product caught the attention of the media and the numerous exhibitors with high payload, long flight life, high-definition images capabilities, airspace security settings and open-source software platform. Our products keep close with European industrial development, and we have collected much data regarding flight habits and geo-mapping. By doing so, we can enhance the safe flight and user experience. In addition, we have optimized aircraft communications systems for our products so as to establish a stable signal transmission system, set the foundation for automatic cruise system of UAV in the future.

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We were taking interview from DW (Deutsche Welle television).