Dronitaly: We brought back SAGA!

04-09 | 2019


We heard you loud and clear. Last week at Dronitaly, there was great demand to see the GDU SAGA once again after its incredible reception at CES 2019. As the emerging leader of industrial UAVs, GDU showcased SAGA with its impressive balance of foldable portability and industrial power.



Pairing up with G&G Distribution, an Italian advocate for UAVs in all industries, our own Linna Qin connected with a more diverse group of people that were interested in increasing the efficiency of their work while minimizing safety risks. What’s more, people were impressed by SAGA’s personal customization process and its great variety of payloads that can be mounted for any job.



Both GDU and G&G Distribution were incredibly happy to answer every question you had for us and were eager to give you the most informed and transparent response we could to gain your confidence in our brand and product. Now with Dronitaly finished, we can’t wait for our next event: Unmanned Systems Asia 2019!