Unmanned Systems Asia 2019: The Hype Builds for GDU

04-12 | 2019


After spending some time in Milan for DronItaly, GDU once again hit the road with our sights on the Asian-Pacific. And what better way to focus on the Asian-Pacific than going to Singapore to participate in Unmanned Systems Asia 2019! The sweltering early April heat of Singapore was no match for the refreshing air conditioning of the Changi Exhibition Center as we set up our booth showcasing SAGA and its collection of payloads. People from all over the region flooded the exhibition center to admire, review, and critique all the tech inside ranging from the newest helicopters to the tiniest drones.


However, there was no shortage of interest when the crowds started making their way over to see the GDU SAGA. SAGA has been amazing crowds ever since its reveal at CES 2019 and it’s clear months later that the hype has not stagnated. Even officials from countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore wanted an exclusive look at what SAGA has to offer.


People were particularly keen to know how SAGA’s infrared technology can be used for effective environmental protection against problems like illegal logging, construction, or mining. What’s more, many were excited to learn how accurate SAGA is with mapping and surveying due to its stability and powerful payloads. This has been our third exhibition this year and we can’t wait for our fourth!