O2 is designed for everyone, combining extreme portability, highresolution image capturing, advanced sensors and onboard computing capability, and ease of use, to be the go-to option for your everyday drone.


O2 has one of the world’s smallest 3-axis stabilized camera gimbals that can capture amazing footage in 4K. The perfect combination of small body size and the powerful 3-Axis gimbal allows you to truly unfold your creativity wherever you go.

We Are Not Alone

Sliding-Arm Technology

Instead of folding arms that leave the props and rotors exposed during transit, we updated our design to incorporate sliding-arms that hide the props inside the body. This also takes up less space and gives us room to include the controller and the drone into one easy-to-carry package. Not only is the O2 extremely small, it is tough. Using Aviation Aluminum-Alloy, it has the most robust propeller arms in its class.

Vision Positioning

The Vision Positioning Systems allows the O2 to keep fully stable, both outdoors and indoors, and recognize objects below the drone for even safer landing.

Obstacle Avoidance

The Binocular Obstacle Avoidance System helps O2 to see the objects in its path and stop at safe distance automatically. Now you can focus on the shots without worrying about running into things.


O2 includes a full pack of smart features so you can fly and get creative. O2 includes the trace and circle modes, Gesture recognition for photo and video shooting, Rocket Mode, Dronie Mode, Circle Mode, Burst Shooting, Time-Lapse, Slow-Motion, Smart Video Mode, Return to Home, Smart Selfie Mode and Digital Zooming Capture.


We’ve developed an all new GDU Mini App for O2 to make it more compatible for your everyday life. It allows you to connect to the drone faster, see the view clearer, perform all smart functions and even fly the drone without the remote. Its build-in Editing and Sharing function is a fast lane for you to connect with your friends and share your excitement via social media.

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